Welcome to M.P.S.M Grace Convent Sr. Sec. School (Affiliation No.-2131477)


All members of the M.P.S.M. Grace Family envision……

A child centered co-edcational school, where the holistic growth of each child is facilitated through a strong curriculum supported by an able faculty, resulting in intellectual as well as personal development.
the school also envisages a society in which all children
-even those who are materially and physically less endowed
-are an integral part with equitable access to opportunities , enabling them to live to the fullest.
in addition the school has adopted the following goals:
(a) to seek an able and diverse students body and to encourage in each member the traits of curiosity, creativity, intellectual risk taking, flexibility, independence of thought and respect for scholarship (knowledge) with a view to achieve 100% literacy in nearby community.

(b) to develop in the students a winning attitude that determines the quality of motivation and strength of commitment and study in fear free environment to attend regular attendence.
(c) to foster in each student a sense of competence, self confidence, team work, emotional and physical well being.
(d) to encourage social consciousness, concern for others and involvement in and commitment to the community both within and without the school.
(e) to install knowledge and appreciation of the intellectual and cultural heritage of mankind.
(f) to develop a strong sense of moral integrity as reflected through ethical and spiritual growth, while respecting the religious diversity of our country.
(g) to initiate and establish habits of independence, self control and an appreciation of the dignity of human labour.
(h) to instill the norms of social behaviour and interaction and to develop a will to face challenges in both work and play. focussing by creating environmental awareness among students.
(i) emphasis on health profile of the students by organizing health check up camps.

Through The Eyes of Principal…..

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to share my experience about my small ship sailing along with the young sailors a long way from shore to shore. It has been a remarkable experience guiding and steering through turbulent times and of course there were many memorable occasions ,the memories of which compel tears of joy to trickle down my cheeks!

Education form the basis and lies at the foundation for the development of any society and each school adds on its bit to this development. In M.P.S.M we understand this responsibility well and try to create a world through our children,who are full of promises and hopes .Our constant endeavor for excellence in all respective fields of a child’s development is a living testimony of our everlasting commitment.

My association with M.P.S.M dates back to April 2010 when our journey in the field of education started together. M.P.S.M a Higher Secondary School in process of settling afresh in its new premise at Ganeshra and myself a young professional in education aspiring to establish a unique school with a holistic vision We journeyed through our shares of Highs and Lows,pleasure and pains,achievements and struggles ,joys and worries and so on and so forth.

Each child is born with a mission in his life and with special talent which are peculiar to him.The purpose of Education is to transform the inborn potentiality into an actuality so that by playing his role in life he may take his contribution to the society and have a fulfillment of his mission.True Education aims at formation of right conscience. We, touched by Jesus’ MERCY, moved by HIS LOVE strive our best to mold the life of little ones whom God has entrusted to our care.

The tireless and single-minded efforts of our staff ,at every level which has helped the school to achieve the heights it has scaled , deserves felicitation. The generous and ever available support of the Secretary and the Board of Governors,the commitment of parents to remain by our side and my own undying dream to make this august institution move up the highest rungs of glory, along with the hard work of our children ,will surely help us in taking M.P.S.M Grace Convent Sr. Sec. School,Mathura from strength to strength.

The School is of the firm opinion that a sound moral,cultural and physical training is as important as academics and scholastic instruction in preparing a students for their life.Hence much importance is attributed to games,sports and physical education including yoga,dramatics ,debate, general knowledge etc to keep the student mentally alert and to cope with the time.
We look forward for your help and of our parents guardians and society members to achieve our goals and missions

Dr. Myera Singh

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